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Success With Hyperlinking is an Eagle With a Seven-Foot Wingspan

Links, tweets, and other things that I hope you enjoy.

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Let's start with a good tweet:

I enjoy that tweet. NOW SPORTS.

Top-10 Bros: Penn State lax pulled a huge upset when it beat top-ranked Denver over the weekend, 15-10. One of the goals in the win was scored by Dan Craig, whose behind-the-head effort earned a spot on SportsCenter's top-10 plays of the day.

The Big Man: Andrew Nelson has been Penn State's best offensive lineman for the last two years, but unfortunately, he always seems to deal with nagging injuries. Fortunately, Nelson has been healthy this preseason, and as Jeff Rice over at 247 writes, he has separated himself from the rest of Penn State's linemen this spring.

A Good Take On A Dumb Thing: So by now we've all heard about the Christian Hackenberg interview thing. I am skeptical of Hackenberg giving a bad answer – dude has been practicing his response to this very question for, like, two years – but NFL teams are weird with this stuff. Anyway, Dan Wetzel of Yahoo broke down how Hackenberg getting shredded for telling the truth shows how hypocritical the NFL Draft process is.

Diver? But I Just Met H...*car crash*: Penn State sent a handful of divers to the NCAA Championships over the weekend. It was the first time that any divers made it since 2007, and it was the first time since 1998 that a trio of Nittany Lions made it to the biggest diving meet of the year.

Devon Still Is Still Good: Shout out to Devon Still. Forever.

BATTLE(s): Onward State took a look at the three biggest position battles on Penn State's roster heading into spring ball – quarterback, tight end, and defensive tackle. Their money is on Trace McSorley, Mike Gesicki, and Parker Cothren and Antoine White. COUNT OUT TOUCHDOWN TOMMY AND WATCH WHAT HAPPENS, Y'ALL.

InZain: Zain Retherford wasn't the winner of the Hodge Trophy this year. I say hogwash. Hogwash, I say.

Saquon.: Saquon. Read it.

An Important Learfield Directors' Cup Alert: Penn State is in sixth. Huzzah.

*Will Ferrell as Alex Trebek Voice* The Pen Is Mightier...: Ok, maybe not. Andrew Mackiewicz of Penn State fencing won his second straight sabre championship. Congrats, Andrew. Please use your elite sword-using ability for good and not for evil.

Spring Has Sprung: In a bit of a callback to the 247 story, Greg Pickel over at PennLive took a look at two dudes who are performing well in spring ball. One is Nelson, the other is redshirt freshman running back Andre Robinson, who is really, really good and should surprise some people this year.

Let's End With Mr. Brightside: This video has nothing to do with anything Penn State related, but a man in Ireland passed away. To honor him, his friends went to a pub, one jumped on top of the bar, and they all sang Mr. Brightside together. All kidding aside, this is legitimately one of the coolest things I've seen and I hope y'all do it after my funeral when I pass away some day.