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Success With Hyperlinking is Looking for the Gym

Please read my links.

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

A few days ago Saquon Barkley cleaned 390 pounds and ran a 4.38 40. The former is a school record, the latter is the fastest on the team. Saquon Barkley is our new God. However, the rest of the team just wrapped up winter conditioning with max out work as well, and Jeff Rice at Lions247 has collected the best marks from across the team. Jeff also breaks down some of the notable weight changes on the latest roster from PSU.

On the hardwood, the Lady Lions season came to an end at the hands of Purdue in the Big Ten Tournament in Indianapolis. Penn State entered the tournament as the 11th seed, and knocked off Illinois in Wednesday's opening round. Coquese Washington's squad ends the year with a disappointing 12-19 record, and 7-13 in league play counting this week's 1-1 in Indy.

Over in Rec Hall, Russ Rose made a couple additions to his staff, welcoming in Craig Dyer as an assistant coach and Jon Parry as the team's Director of Operations. Dyer was part of the men's volleyball coaching staff until 2009, when he went to some school in Western Pennsylvania to work on their volleyball staff. Parry comes to Happy Valley from Long Beach State. Hope you brought a coat and stuff, Jon.

Friend of the blog, Peter Berkes, has a very important story on of enemy of the blog Tim Beckman judging a cooking contest.

Staying over at EDSBS, I feel compelled to share this story from last week with you on how to pick a toy for a young child, because I'm still laughing. Also actioncookbook is a fellow long suffering Cleveland fan, and needs our support. Plus that whole "has a child now" thing.