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Big Ten Wrestling Tournament: Session Four Open Thread

Session three was pretty uneventful. All of the action comes in session four.

The hero of the tourney so far.
The hero of the tourney so far.

The star for Penn State in Session 3 was Jordan Conaway, who won his bout in order to wrestle to seed. He'll have a chance to go for third, and Matt McCutcheon will have a chance to wrestle for fifth, before the Lions' six wrestlers take the mat for the chance win their individual titles in the big show.

Mathematically, it's not over for Iowa to overtake Penn State in session four, as the Lions have 136.5 points headed into the final session (over 20 points more than the Hawkeyes); but practically, this one's done. The Nittany Lions have won this year's Big Ten Tournament title. Start celebrating, guys. We are...Big Ten Champs.

Session four starts at 4 pm ET (3 pm local time).

The Road So Far

125: Nico Megaludis

first round: 15-5 Major over MSU's Mitch Rogalinger

quarterfinals: 10-2 Major over Wisconsin's Johnny Jiminez

semifinals: 4-3 Decision (TB1) over Iowa's Thomas Gilman

133: Jordan Conaway

first round: 12-3 Major over Minnesota's Sam Brancale

quarterfinals: 10-5 loss to Wisconsin's Ryan Taylor

consolation round 2: 11-3 Major over Indiana's Alonzo Shepherd

consolation round 3: 8-2 Decision over Ohio State's Johnni DiJulius

consolation semifinals: 6-4 Decision over Nebraska's Eric Montoya

141: Jimmy Gulibon

first round BYE

quarterfinals: 3-2 (TB2) Decision over Ohio State's Micah Jordan

semifinals: 6-5 Decision over Michigan State's Javier Gasca

149: Zain Retherford

first round: WBF (2:06) over Illinois' Kyle Langenderfer

quarterfinals: 14-4 Major over Minnesota's Jake Short

semifinals: WBF (2:45) over Michigan's Alec Pantaleo

157: Jason Nolf

first round: WBF (2:53) over Purdue's Doug Welch

quarterfinals: Tech Fall (6:21, 20-5) over Minnesota's Brandon Kingsley

semifinals: Tech Fall (6:02, 21-3) over Iowa's Edwin Cooper

165: Geno Morelli

first round: 6-2 Decision over Minnesota's Brandon Krone

quarterfinals: 3-2 loss to Ohio State's Bo Jordan

consolation round 2: 9-3 Decision over Indiana's Bryce Martin

consolation round 3: loss by fall (:37) to Nebraska's Austin Wilson

7th place bout: 4-2 (SV1) loss to Iowa's Patrick Rhoads

174: Bo Nickal

first round BYE

quarterfinals: 15-3 Major over Rutgers' Phil Bakuckas

semifinals: WBF (2:28) over Ohio State's Myles Martin

184: Matt McCutcheon

first round BYE

quarterfinals: 6-2 Decision over Illinois' Jeff Koepke

semifinals: 6-1 loss to Iowa's Sammy Brooks

consolation semifinals: 4-1 loss to Rutgers' Nick Gravina

197: Morgan McIntosh

first round: WBF (1:27) over Indiana's Jake Masengale

quarterfinals: WBF (1:40) over MSU's Jacob Cooper

semifinals: 8-2 Decision over Nebraska's Aaron Studebaker

285: Nick Nevills

first round: 4-2 loss to Wisconsin's Brock Horwath

consolation round 1: 9-1 Major over Indiana's Garrett Goldman

consolation round 2: 5-3 loss to Illinois' Brooks Black


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Full Brackets

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How to Watch/Listen

BTN the regular (finally!)

GoPSUSports has the live radio feed, with Jeff Byers calling the action

Lineups for Session Four

125: Nico Megaludis (final vs Ohio State's Nathan Tomasello, whom he lost a regular decision to in the dual meet)

133: Jordan Conaway (third place bout vs Wisconsin's Ryan Taylor, whom he lost to in the quarters on Saturday)

141: Jimmy Gulibon (final vs Rutgers' Anthony Ashnault, whom he has not wrestled this year)

149: Zain Retherford (final vs Iowa's Brandon Sorensen, whom he has not wrestled this year)

157: Jason Nolf (final vs Illinois' Isaiah Martinez, whom he pinned in the dual meet)

174: Bo Nickal (final vs Illinois' Zac Brunson, whom he pinned in the dual meet)

184: Matt McCutcheon (fifth place bout vs Illinois' Jeff Koepke, whom he beat in the quarterfinals)

197: Morgan McIntosh (final vs Iowa's Nathan Burak, whom he has not wrestled this year)