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WRESTLING: Geno Morelli Receives At Large Bid To NCAAs

Penn State will send 9 wrestlers to NCAAs.


The long wait is over.  Geno received an at-large bid to join his Nittany Lion teammates at NCAAs in Madison Square Garden, March 17 - 19.

Seeded 7th at Big Tens, and needing to finish in the top 6 to secure an automatic bid, Geno fell just shy, losing in sudden victory overtime to finish 8th.  Normally, that would spell doom to his chances, as he'd be, at best, second in line within his conference for the at-large spot.

However, in a bit of fortune, the NCAA allocated only 28 spots for automatic bids, instead of the usual 29 - meaning there was one extra at-large this year.  And, best of all, across 7 conference tournaments, exactly ZERO wrestlers earning those bids for their conferences failed to secure them at their tournaments.  That's...almost unheard of (it didn't happen at any of the other 9 weights this year).

With all 5 spots open, and despite being 2nd in line from the Big Ten, Geno got one of those bids.  And that's awesome - couldn't happen to a better kid.  Congrats, Geno - now go get 'em at NCAAs.