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Success With Hyperlinking Is Hitting The Beach

Links and miscellany for your pleasure.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

It's spring break this week and news has slowed to a crawl accordingly, but the link dump marches on.

What Makes A Nittany Lion? Last spring, you may have noticed news regarding a student taking samples from the stuffed "Original Nittany Lion" display from the All Sports Museum, in order to discover the sequence of the DNA. Researchers ultimately took samples from 6 different stuffed lions around the area. Now, they're comparing results with those of the Florida Panther and California Cougar to identify the similarities and, more importantly, determine what makes it unique. This is part a larger movement by schools to sequence the DNA of their mascots, sometimes creatures that would otherwise be ignored, life banana slugs.

What Wants To See Flavor Flav Deliver A Weather Report? No? How about Flavor Flav giving a weather report in Shep Garner shirt? Maybe? We can thank Good Day Utah from Fox13 in Salt Lake City for this inexplicable moment.

State Funding Crisis Approaches: Penn State is making plans to close their agriculture extension offices should the state continue to withhold funds. The move would result in the layoff of 1,100 position and halt of various programs. PennLive addresses the elephant in the room and asks if the state is backing out of a partnership with the state-related universities. Such a decision would be far more detrimental to the state than the universities.

Quick Hits: Oldest Living Alumnus: the Centre Daily Times has a profile of Ray Walker, currently the oldest living Penn State alumnus. President Barron will be hosting a student town hall at the Hintz Family Alumni Center on March 16. The Susquehanna Township Police Department is shifting to a research-supported crime prevention model advocated by Penn State's EPISCenter and the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency

Finally: Game of Thrones released the full trailer for season 6 (Note: potentially NSFW), premiering April 24. We are all in the same boat as viewers now, as we've primarily moved beyond the books.