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Penn State's Frank Molinaro Makes Olympic Team

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Assistant coach Frank Molinaro came out of the coach's chair and punched his ticket to the Rio Olympics.

From coaches chair to Olympian - way to go Frank!
From coaches chair to Olympian - way to go Frank!

Three weeks ago, Penn State Wrestling assistant coach Frank Molinaro watched his young Penn State Nittany Lions win a national championship - the team's 5th in the last 6 years.  Yesterday, Frank wrestled for a spot on Team USA, and took it.  So the guy with the most nicknames - Frank "the tank", aka, Gorilla Hulk - added one more: Olympian.

Frank was unseeded in the tournament.  In other words, few expected him to run to the crown.  But he did.  He beat long-time - and I mean looong time - nemeses Kellen Russell and Brent Metcalf in the first two rounds.  Then he dispatched Logan Stieber (ranked 12th in the world) to make the finals.

The finals are a best of three.  Frank would face phenom Aaron Pico - and Frank lost his opener, 4-2.  But then he won the second match to stay alive, 4-3.  And took the spot in the third match.

Incredible.  Awesome.  Way to go Frank!