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MMQB: Who Will be Penn State's Top Wide Receiver in 2016?

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The answer might not be as obvious as you would think.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Let me start off by thanking you for even getting this far. It would have been perfectly understandable had you read the title of this post and just said "Chris Godwin, you idiot," before moving on to something else. Heck, I may have done the same thing. But is it really so obvious that Godwin will be Penn State's leading receiver in 2016? While it seems quite evident at this time, the more you think about it, the more other possibilities become somewhat plausible.

Let's consider:

-DaeSean Hamilton, who was the Big Ten's leading receiver in 2014, returns for his junior season.

-Juwan Johnson and Irvin Charles will be ready to make an impact after redshirting in 2015. Both are massive targets with exceptional athleticism that will create match-up nightmares, especially if Penn State is able to implement a vertical attack with a new starting quarterback and revamped offensive line.

-Speaking of big targets with incredible athleticism, Saeed Blacknall seems poised for a breakout year during his junior campaign. Many were expecting a much bigger 2015 for Blacknall, but the fact that it didn't materialize is more of an indictment of John Donovan not understanding how to use him correctly as opposed to Blacknall's ability to produce.

-Brandon Polk and DeAndre Thompkins should play a much more prominent role in the offense and have the speed to keep defenses on their toes when used correctly.

-Penn State will be breaking in a new starting quarterback for the first time since 2013, who will inevitably have different chemistry with the receivers than Christian Hackenberg during the past few seasons.

-New offensive coordinator Joe Moorhead likes to spread the ball out among many targets, so the passing game will be more than just "Throw the ball to Godwin, cross fingers" that we became accustomed to in 2015.

So what say you, BSD reader? Is Godwin the obvious answer or could someone else emerge as Penn State's leader at WR in 2016? Which receiver(s) will lead the team in receptions, receiving yards and touchdowns? Make your predictions below for bragging rights in late November.