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Success With Hyperlinking Is Forced To Stay Home

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Links and miscellany for your pleasure.

Evan Habeeb/Getty Images

Under James Franklin the past two years, Penn State coaches have traveled to numerous states to participate in football satellite camps, turning over every stone looking for talent. That ends immediately as the NCAA has outlawed those camps by an 11-5 conference vote, but let's not kid ourselves it was largely at the behest of the SEC and to a much lesser extent the ACC and Pac-12 to spite Jim Harbaugh. The problem is this doesn't hurt Michigan, Penn State, Harbaugh or Franklin, it hurts non-Power Five schools, like the Sun Belt or Mountain West that, for reasons unknown, voted in favor of the ban, and, of course, prospective players that will no longer get exposure to these schools and cannot afford to visit them all individually. Listen, if you're going to have a guiding voice, it's best to choose the conference that has schools lobbying for state law changes to restrict FOIA requests and then has the Lt. Governor of said state go on record with this nugget, "I hope it brings us a national championship is what I hope." One can always count on the NCAA to look out for current or prospective student-athletes first, at least they managed to start distributing NCAA Football settlement checks.

Hall of Fame First: Cumberland Posey will join the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, becoming the first individual to be enshrined in both the Baseball and Basketball Halls of Fame. Best known for his career as a player, manager, and finally owner of the legendary Homestead Grays of the Negro leagues. He also was considered one of preeminent African-American basketball player of his time, playing for Penn State, Duquesne and the Leondi Big Five.

Blue-White Autograph Session Changes: For those interested and attending the Blue-White Game, make note of the changes to the player autograph session. I've never participated in this event, so I don't know how different this will be from the past.

Quick Hits: Penn State has posted an excellent profile of Tom Verducci. The Nittany Lion DNA project is ready to take the next step in sequencing. Penn State Men's Volleyball wrapped up their 18th consecutive EIVA title and focusing on larger goals, meanwhile, alumni will be playing a big role with USA Volleyball in Rio. Men's Lacrosse lost in overtime, to fall to 3-1 against ranked foes on the season.

Finally: Last chance to vote for this year's White Out shirt, voting ends Friday.