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MMQB: Is Trace McSorley Ready to Lead Penn State's Offense?

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Is Trace McSorley ready to be the man to lead Penn State's offense out of a deep abyss?

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

We typically don't learn much each year at the Blue-White Game. For the most part, it's a mirage that resembles an actual football game in the long, eight-month football drought we suffer through each year. But during Saturday's Blue-White Game, it was difficult not to come to the conclusion that Trace McSorley is in the driver's seat to become Penn State's starting quarterback in 2016.

Throughout the spring, we've heard plenty of talk about McSorley's character and how his teammates respond to him as a leader. On Saturday, he had his chance to show what he can do on the field, and responded by completing 23 of 27 passes, 281 yards and four touchdowns with an interception on the day. McSorley was poised in the pocket, and the offense was fluid with him in command.

Sitting in the stands, it was nearly impossible not to have flashbacks of Matt McGloin as McSorley regularly found the open man at just the right time. Like McGloin, McSorley does not have ideal size, standing just a smidge under 6' and 200 lbs. He doesn't have the strongest arm either, but had the presence to avoid pressure and get the ball where it needed to be.

There are certainly concerns moving forward with the quarterback position. McSorley will likely go through the inevitable growing pains that come with inexperience. He also doesn't have much zip on his passes, which could become a major concern against teams with athletic secondaries that could play off a receiver, only to step in front off the pass once the ball leaves McSorley's hands. But there's plenty of time to worry about everything that could go wrong in 2016, just like there's plenty of time for McSorley to address his weaknesses heading into the season. For now, we can appreciate a great effort by McSorley on a beautiful, sunny afternoon.

So what say you, BSD reader? Is McSorley the man heading into 2016? Can we count on him leading the offense for the next two years? And most importantly, does McSorley have what it takes to lead Penn State's offense out of the deep abyss from the last two seasons?