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Penn State Wrestling Weekly

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A Penn State centered view of the wrestling world.


Penn State Wrestling held its year-end banquet last weekend.  Here are your award winners:

  • William Neidig Award (Outstanding Wrestler): Zain Retherford
  • Total Commitment Award: Nico Megaludis
  • Leadership Award: Morgan McIntosh
  • Kay Vinson Award (Most Improved): Jordan Conaway
  • Perseverance Award: Nico Megaludis
  • Community Service Award: Matt McCutcheon
  • Bill Koll Award (Most Pins): Zain Retherford and Jason Nolf
  • Charlie Speidel Award (Most Takedowns): Jason Nolf
  • Joe Scalzo Award (Most Team Points): Zain Retherford
  • Academic Excellence 1st Year: Domenic Giannangeli (3.60 GPA)
  • Academic Excellence 2nd Year: Devon Van Cura (4.0 GPA)
  • Academic Excellence 3rd Year: Zain Retherford (3.72 GPA)
  • Academic Excellence 4th Year: Geno Morelli (3.90 GPA)
  • Academic Excellence 5th Year: Nico Megaludis (3.51 GPA)

2016 recruit Nick Suriano made Sports Illustrated.  Andy Wittry describes a mat animal singularly focused on winning everything, all of the time.  Sounds a little like Nico, doesn't it?  Let's hope so.  Interesting quote from Nick in the article, which speaks to how recruits view the Penn State program:

They're getting the best guys; they're getting the guys that are not the best and they're making them the best," Suriano said.  "They're making them champs and that's what I want to be a part of."

That's an under-sold aspect to Cael's program.  Taylor, Ruth, Nico, Morgan, Nolf - the top recruits are coming to Penn State, and winning big.  But so are some of the less highly touted wrestlers.  Jordan Conaway was ranked outside the top 100, and he finished as a 2x All American (and just missed being a 3-timer).  Matt Brown wasn't a top-100 recruit either, and he won a national championship.  Anthony Cassar wasn't ranked at all, but made the Junior World Freestyle team last year.  James English became an All-American though he never finished higher than 5th at PIAAs.  Adam Lynch, Bryan Pearsall, Jon Gingrich - the list goes on and on.  This staff can coach, and high schoolers have taken notice.

Dan Lobdell at Takedown Wrestling does all of the hard work, and gives a great preview for whom Frank Molinaro might face in Mongolia as he tries to qualify 65kg for Team USA at the Rio Olympics.

Speaking of the NLWC's newest Team USA member, Brock Hite at Flo has a really great metrics read on Frank's run through the Team Trials.  The exposure off of his patented left-handed high crotch is a pretty big weapon.

Other Stuff

As always, CP and Willie keep you updated via FloWrestling Radio Live podcast.  Lead news this week was Boise State making a coaching change.

Southern Scuffle (and Cliff Keen Las Vegas) continues to grow, seemingly at Midlands' expense.  Last year was Midland's best field in several years (headlined by Team David Taylor), so maybe that stems the tide.  But it sure seems like the Northwestern-hosted event has been reduced to Iowa and not too much else.  PSU, OKST, and Minnesota all made the switch.  Now you can move Northern Iowa from the Midlands column to the Scuffle column as well.