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Success With Hyperlinking Doesn't Owe Anyone Anything

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...unlike a current head of a certain organization.

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wait, wait, wait, it's all a misunderstanding, right?
wait, wait, wait, it's all a misunderstanding, right?
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Oh, Mark Emmert. What's new with you, buddy? Not much, you say? USA Today begs to differ, reporting that when the current NCAA head was president at the University of Washington he pledged to pony up $100k towards a scholarship fund--and almost half of that money remains unpaid, ten years later.

Emmert's statement in response is classic Emmert, of course:

"Personal philanthropy is a private matter for individuals and their families," Emmert’s statement said. "My family and I care greatly for the University of Washington and will continue to support it throughout our lives."

Yup. He's apparently been reminded of the missing donation a few times over the years, but the amount still remains outstanding. Class act, this guy.

Home Football Game themes were announced on Tuesday, and to the surprise of no one, Ohio State on October 22nd is the annual White Out. In a very good home game slate that includes Iowa and Michigan State in addition to the Buckeyes, Temple (September 17) was also included as the second annual Stripe Out. Hmm. Minnesota on October 1 is All-U day, for all of you Commonwealth Campusers.

Love. All I had was J J Abrams' dad.

For all of you who were freaked out that Sandy Barbour was going to tear down Beaver Stadium, you can breathe a little easier now. While no decision has been made yet, it appears they're leaning towards keeping the structure in place:

...It’s very, very clear to me from the analysis that’s been done, which is what I promised from the outset, that renovation is the direction that we need to head in. I think it’s premature for us to understand what kind of a time frame we’re talking about until we understand what it is that we need to do, what will be the extent of the renovations and what will be the cost.

Quick Hits:

Onward State finishes their "Best Penn State Thing" bracket, and as it's a reader vote, there's no surprise as to what won.

Frank Molinaro has had a long road towards getting to be on the Olympic team, and it's not over yet.

I'm shocked that Jon Gruden loves Christian Hackenberg!

Ben Jones has five stats some may have missed from Blue-White.

According to Buuuuud, "2018 IMG Academy tackle Chris Bleich is hard to get past." That's 2018 PSU commit Chris Bleich to you fine folks.

The Boston Marathon played host to some members of the Penn State cross country team.

Two Penn State freshmen were named Big Ten Frosh of the week: Women's Lax Midfielder Madison Carter (for the fourth time), and softball pitcher Madison Seifert.

THON 2017 has been announced.

Drinking wine may be the only reason I'd run a 5k while not being chased.