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Black Shoe Podcast 3.3: Talking Blue-White Game, NFL Draft and Recruiting (Including a Live Reaction to Kaindoh's Top-4)

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If anything, just listen for Nick and Bill's reactions to Joshua Kaindoh not including Maryland in his top-four.

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We're back!

Thanks to some scheduling difficulties, availability difficulties and every other type of difficulty you can think of, the Black Shoe Podcast has been on the fritz for a little while. But we are happy to say that we are back in action, and it seems like we picked the perfect time to do so.

Before we get into the content of the newest episode, make sure that you are following and subscribing to our Soundcloud page and also subscribing to us on iTunes, because apparently they approved our podcast without ever giving me confirmation that they did so. However, they also haven't included four of our last podcasts in their feed, so we'll see if this one makes it there. But hey, subscribe there anyway.

In today's episode:

-Nick and Bill discuss the Blue-White game, and what kinds of conclusions you're allowed to draw from it (spoiler alert: very few!).

-I know Captain America: Civil War is coming out soon with all of their #TeamCap and #TeamIronMan hashtags, but the real battle the country is talking about is clearly between #TeamTrace and #TeamTommy.

-The guys talk about Penn State's two newest verbal commitments: C.J. Thorpe and Robert Martin.

-They also run down the list of top targets remaining and go over the likelihood of their commitments.

-Listeners get an exclusive, 100% genuine reaction from Nick and Bill as Kaindoh's top-four drops. Nick says "whaaaaaat" a lot.

-After we calm down from that, we go into the NFL Draft where we discuss each draft-able Penn Stater, talk about how they fit in the professional league and make wild guesses on which team will draft them.

-Finally, for listeners who make it all the way to the end of the podcast, we have a special surprise for you!

It's good to be back! Enjoy the pod, y'all.