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MMQB: Do You Like the NFL Draft?

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It's draft week!

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Draft is upon us, as the first round will take place this Thursday, rounds two and three on Friday and rounds four through seven on Saturday. For the players hoping to get drafted, it's simultaneously an exciting and nerve-wracking week of festivities.

How do you feel about it, though? There's no doubt that the entire process of the draft at this point has been structured to simply bring in as much money and as many viewers as possible. What other reason could there possibly be for turning a seven-round draft into a three-day extravaganza?

It seems as if each team has an eternity to make their first round selections, and the replaying of the same five highlights of various players as Mel Kiper, Todd McShay and Chris Berman discuss each pick makes it seem twice as long. Even the teams that know exactly who they are taking seem to feel that it's necessary to wait out the full ten minutes. Or perhaps the draft officials are forcing them to wait so the draft lasts longer. I don't know.

At the time time, however, it's hard not to enjoy the draft from a fan perspective, in my opinion, particularly as a college and NFL fan. Not only are you watching to see where your school's players end up in the NFL, but you get to watch to see who your NFL team picks up. As college football fans, y'all have unique views on these players that NFL-only fans don't have. For fans like us, when we see superstar NCAA athletes like Russell Wilson, Lavonte David and Tryann Mathieu fall out of the first round, we already know that some lucky teams are about to get a future star out of the bargain bin.

So in the regard that there truly is so much to talk about when it comes to the draft, maybe it is a good thing that it's spread out a bit. But I'll leave that up to you, readers. Do you enjoy the way the NFL Draft is structured? If not, what would you change?