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2016 NFL Draft: How to Watch, Penn State Predictions and Open Thread

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The draft is finally here.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome! You've managed to fight your way through the long, harsh off-season and now you've arrived at the NFL Draft. Is it your most desired destination to get your fix of college football? Probably not. But at least it's something. And now you'll get to spend the next week or telling (insert NFL team here) about why (insert college football player here) will be excellent/awful. Those are the only two options, right? That's what I've learned from following Christian Hackenberg, at least.

Anyway, here we are. Penn State has a very solid group of draftable prospects ready to join NFL teams, and begin their careers as professional athletes. It's an exciting time for fans, yes, but for these kids, it's their livelihood. So congratulations to not only our beloved Penn State athletes, but to all of the student athletes who are about to make their dreams come true.

Thursday night will bring the first of seven rounds in the draft, and we could be in store for some major fireworks, even if the St. Louis Rams and Philadelphia Eagles have already provided the biggest fireworks of all with their trades up to number one and two. Read on to find out how to watch the first round, whether you're at home or on the go.

How to Watch

When: 8 p.m. ET

Where: Chicago, Illinois

TV: ESPN, NFL Network

Commentary: ESPN- Chris Berman, Mel Kiper Jr., Jon "Number One Hack Fan" Gruden, Louis Riddick

NFL Network- Rich "Blazing 40 Time" Eisen, Mike Mayock, Stever Mariucci, David Shaw

Online: WatchESPN,

Now that that's all out of the way, let's move on to the fun stuff- predicting where all of the Penn State Nittany Lions will be picked! Definitely make sure to remind me of how wrong I am about every pick as we move forward in the draft. Definitely, definitely do that.

Penn State Predictions!

Christian Hackenberg

BSD Profile

Prediction: Dallas Cowboys (Round 2, Pick 34)

Reasoning: I went safe with this one. I think there's a very good chance the Broncos take Hack with the final pick of round one, but if he doesn't, this seems like a logical landing spot. The Cowboys have an aging quarterback in Tony Romo, and taking Paxton Lynch or Connor Cook with their first round pick would be a huge reach. Instead, they grab their potential quarterback of the future at the top of the second round, and hope that they can coach him up to the point where he can comfortably take over for Romo in the not-too-distant future.

Austin Johnson

BSD Profile

Prediction: Jacksonville Jaguars (Round 2, Pick 38)

Reasoning: Because having Paul Posluszny, Allen Robinson, Jared Odrick and Austin Johnson all on the same team would be sooooo much fun. Most realistically, the Jaguars are in need of another defensive tackle to play alongside Odrick. Johnson would be a sure-fire first rounder in most drafts, but luckily for the Jags, the DT spot is loaded in 2016. They get a huge bargain, and grab a potential stalwart in the middle with their second round pick.

Carl Nassib

BSD Profile

Prediction: New England Patriots (Round 2, Pick 61)

Reasoning: Because if I know one thing in this world, it's that there are two people I trust in the NFL above all others to take a guy who does one thing really, really well, and turn them into a star, and those two people are Pete Carroll and Bill Belichick. In 2015, Nassib proved that he can be a truly elite pass-rusher, leading the NCAA in sacks by 2.5, despite basically being inactive for three games. And wouldn't ya know it, the Patriots happen to have a Chandler Jones-sized hole at defensive end.

Anthony Zettel

BSD Profile

Prediction: Houston Texans (Round 5, Pick 159)

Reasoning: This was originally Bill's idea on the podcast, and while I didn't agree with it at first, it's growing on me. I originally had Zettel destined for the Jets or the Cardinals due to their ability to creatively find ways to rush the passer, but Zettel is a better player than that. His ability to stop the run is better than people give him credit for, which is why I think he could be a good fit on the edge in Houston's 3-4 defense. With how dominant J.J. Watt is, they could very comfortably put Jadeveon Clowney next to Zettel as an edge-rushing linebac- whoops, the opposing quarterback is dead now.

Jordan Lucas

BSD Profile

Prediction: Seattle Seahawks (Round 6, Pick 216)

Reasoning: Every year, the Seahawks take a safety and immediately move him to cornerback, or vice versa. They love finding guys with versatility in the secondary, and who better to grab with that type of versatility this late in the draft? Lucas has plenty of success playing both secondary positions, and wouldn't be expected to fight for a starting spot right away in Seattle, with Sherman, Jeremy Lane, Brandon Browner and others already in place. Instead, he gives them someone who should thrive on special teams right away, and someone who can grow into a nickelback or even just serve as a do-it-all backup.

Kyle Carter

BSD Profile

Prediction: New York Giants (un-drafted free agent)

Reasoning: While Kyle Carter seems like a prime candidate to be this year's version of "how in the world did he get drafted?" that Penn State seems to produce every few years, I think he ultimately slips through the cracks and reaches un-drafted free agency. I expect that multiple teams will give him a call, even if it's solely based on the potential he showed as a redshirt freshman. The Giants have done a masterful job over the years of turning no-names and castaways at the tight end position into solid contributors, and Carter would be a great ball of clay for them to mold.

Trevor Williams

Prediction: Baltimore Ravens (un-drafted free agent)

Reasoning: He's probably not getting drafted, but Williams showed improvement at corner every year since moving there as a true sophomore. That kind of steady improvement should be enough to entice an NFL team to take a chance on him, and who better to do so than his hometown Ravens? If he can continue to hone his skills as a corner, he could find himself sneaking onto a team's depth chart after spending a year or two on a practice squad, but he also has the athleticism to force his way into a special teams unit, so maybe he'll force a team's hand earlier than expected.