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Carl Nassib Drafted by the Cleveland Browns in the Third Round

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Carl Nassib will bring pressure off the edge and sky-high potential to his new home in the NFL.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 NCAA leader in sacks is officially a Cleveland Brown, as Carl Nassib has been chosen by the Browns in the third round of the 2016 NFL Draft. Nassib was one of the biggest surprises of not only Penn State's 2015 season, but all of college football, after being a rarely-used rotational player previous to his breakout senior season.

Nassib, a former walk-on, will look to continue his quarterback-mauling ways with the Browns, who could try to train him to grow into a 3-4 defensive end frame, or turn him into a pass-rushing outside linebacker. One thing's for sure though, wherever he ends up on the defense, Nassib has the tools to be a force.

From our draft preview for Nassib-

Whichever team drafts Carl will be getting a pass-rushing specialist who has the ability to be groomed into an every-down defensive end. He will have to become skilled at blowing through (as opposed to blowing past) opposing offensive linemen in the NFL, if he wants to become an every down player and that will take more time and work in the weight room and the practice field. There is also the concern about Carl being a 'one-year wonder' who won't be able to duplicate his success at the next level. While the concerns aren't illegitimate, the combination of his aforementioned abilities plus his never-say-die work ethic should help put those doubts to rest.

Congratulations, Carl. We'll be rooting for you to be one of the integral pieces in finally turning around the Browns organization!