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Success With Hyperlinking's Penn State NFL Draft Quiz

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Links and miscellany for your lunchtime enjoyment.

Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

Penn State Foosball NFL Draft Quiz

For the 6th consecutive year, no Penn State foosballers were drafted in Thursday's first round (Jared Odrick, 28th in 2010, is your last Nittany Lion 1st rounder).  Your quiz today: who was the last PSU non-lineman taken in the NFL's premium round?

Best Draftee Celebration Photo

This year's award goes to Laremy Tunsil, who unfortunately had someone post a YouTube of him in a reverse engineered gas mask.

On - Off - On - Off - On

Satellite camps were hip and cool two years ago.  Then Jim Harbaugh ruined everything by being extra creepy, and the NCAA banned satellite camps.  But after a brief lampooning from the innernet morality police, the NCAA rescinded the ban.  So satellite camps are back on again.  Even the SEC will play along, though they have no reason to leave their home states.


Athletic Director (read: fund raiser) Sandy Barbour has another mission on her hands: expand the lacrosse field/stadium.


Charles Huntzinger (Duluth, GA) earned Big Ten Freshman of the Year honors, posting a 71.17 scoring average on the links.


Check out the photo in this link of Penn State closer Jack Anderson, who was named to the midseason "watch list" of the "Stopper of the Year" Award.  Reminds me of this guy.


Nebraska wonders if they are "Draft Bust U".

Ohio State linked a video of Dallas Cowboy fans going nuts over drafting Zeke Elliott, one of five Buckeyes taken in the first round.

Maryland pans the satellite camp reversal as a "double-edged sword".  That's funny for two reasons: 1) everyone's always taken Maryland's best home grown talent without camps; 2) no one in the southern states would show up to a Terp satellite camp.

Sometimes the headline says it all.  "Today is the NFL Draft.  That's bad for Purdue Football."

Land some BTN cash, spend it on weight room renovations.

Wondering who Miles Shuler is?  Well Northwestern wrote a draft profile of him.  So there you go.

Minnesota will face Oregon State in primetime on BTN.  On a sidenote, it's been an interesting evolution for BTN - from horrible programming with a single Barbasol ad, to "primetime" games with insurance sponsers.

Roll Tide Roll took a moment to say thanks for the support after the tornado.

Funny Story Time

Larry Allen was cool.