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McCringleberry Remains Undrafted Heading Into Day Two of the NFL Draft: Day Two Primer

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Perhaps the most polarizing draft prospect ever associated with Penn State football has yet to hear his name called in Chicago.

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The first round of the NFL draft has passed without any Nittany Lions having been selected. The most shocking exclusion, of course, is former Penn State and Rhinos tight end Hingle McCringleberry. Pre-draft projections ranged anywhere from McCringleberry being drafted with the first pick overall, to being drafted in the middle rounds, or not drafted at all. Many scouting services did not even include the flamboyant tight end in their mock drafts, citing their belief that not only is he undraftable, but he is also not a real person.

BSD fanposter mattinglywasking broke down the volatile player prior to the draft earlier this week. One of the many concerns that teams had was the tendency that McCringleberry displayed over the course of his career to get penalized at inopportune times due to his trademark celebration.

It's clear now that the issues with his hip-work have caused teams to take a pass on this prospect in the opening round. Once considered the top prospect coming out of high school, his unorthodox movement from the midsection developed in his second and third seasons at PSU. Whether or not this shortcoming can be corrected at the next level remains to be seen. Any team that feels it can coach this aspect out of McCringleberry's game may very well take him early in the second round tonight.

Another top prospect that had hopes of landing in the first round, Christian Hackenberg, remains on the draft board heading into the second round. Hackenberg's draft position was not affected by his hips but more likely his feet. Inconsistent footwork that led to inconsistent throwing accuracy has been a cause of concern for the past couple of seasons for the twenty-one year old quarterback. During his time at Penn State, it was a common occurrence for television commentators to point out how young Hackenberg was while playing as a true freshman. Bill and Nick mentioned the possibility that age may factor into the decision-making of teams considering Hackenberg during last week's podcast.

The premise was that if a team views Connor Cook and Hackenberg as similar prospects, it may take the former due to the fact that he is two years younger. It clearly wouldn't be the only reason that a team would pick Hackenberg over Cook were they to do so, but it could ironically be the trait that makes the difference if teams have them rated similarly.

One BSD writer known for bold, unlikely projections (me) declared during the season that Hackenberg would be chosen before Cook even if MSU were to win the national championship. That statement was quickly likened to one made years ago by another Cook, Beano, concerning Notre Dame football and the number of Heisman trophies that Ron Powlus would win. We'll see if my prediction goes the way of Beano's tonight.

There have been many predictions surrounding the draft position that Hackenberg will be selected, and with rounds two and three unfolding tonight beginning at 7 p.m., the answer will soon be revealed. Some are surprised that he did not go yesterday, but if he were to go undrafted through three rounds, that would be a surprise to the majority of those who predicted his draft position.

Nick broke down the top Penn State draft prospects and projected draft positions prior to the draft. It is likely that up to four former Lions will be selected tonight. Along with Hackenberg and McCringleberry, Austin Johnson and Carl Nassib may very well be selected in the next two rounds.

The Last Hackenberg Draft Prediction, Finally and Thankfully

So now we ask you, the reader, to beat the horse just one last time. Yes, it hasn't moved for quite a while and is by all logical standards dead at this point, but why not give it one more smack. There have been all sorts of predictions as to when Hackenberg will be drafted. Most predictions are vague, 'not in this round, in this area roughly', so we ask you to be as specific as possible. For an awesome fake prize, be the person to correctly, or be the closest, to predict when and where Hackenberg will be selected.

In the comment section, name the team and the time of day that Hackenberg will be chosen. The draft resumes tonight at 7 p.m., and each team will have seven minutes to make their selection in the second round. There are variables, such as what time the clock will start, probably 7:05 p.m. or in that range. Also it is unclear if the teams will use their entire seven minutes to make the selection. So if you project him to go at pick 32, you would say 'Cleveland at 7:11' or something to that effect. The teams have five minutes to make a selection in the third round, which should begin around 10:30 p.m eastern time.

My prediction is that Hackenberg will go to the New York Giants with pick #9 of the second round at 8:02 p.m. ET. If no prediction is correct, or for the tie-breaker should two people choose the same spot, the winner of the contest will go to the person who is closest to the time of day that he is selected. Times will be handled on a first-come, first-serve basis, so if someone already picked a certain time, you must choose a minute earlier or later.

The winner will be showered with adoration and can forever brag about their psychic powers.