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Report: Penn State Basketball Adds Pitt to 2016-17 Non-Conference Schedule

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Both the football and men's basketball programs will take on the Panthers in the fall.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

On the heels of the announcement that the Penn State men's basketball team will play the Duke Blue Devils in 2016-17, we now have another team in the mix: Pittsburgh. This news was originally reported by Andrew Stern, and it has since been reported by a number of other outlets.

As noted in the report, the location of the game is yet unknown. It is also not yet known if this game is part of the ACC/Big Ten Challenge or simply a separate part of the non-conference schedule. If it is not part of the Challenge, the location being unknown opens up a lot of possibilities. Penn State head coach Patrick Chambers has been a fan of putting together neutral court games during his tenure as coach, so there could be a number of options in play.

Pitt is having a tumultuous offseason after losing in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. Long-time head coach Jamie Dixon left the program to take the job at TCU, and the athletic department replaced him with Vanderbilt head coach Kevin Stallings, a decision that upset many fans of the Pitt program. Stallings in particular had a problem at Vandy with current Pitt forward and one-time Penn State target Sheldon Jeter, blocking his transfer from the program to move closer to home and forcing Jeter to spend a year at Polk State before finally transferring to Pitt.

At this point, reports have Penn State playing Duke, Grand Canyon, and now Pitt in 2016-17. This will more than likely be Penn State's best non-conference slate under Chambers. Stay tuned for more information on this game and the non-conference schedule as we get it.