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MMQB: Which Penn State Wide Receiver Will Lead the Team in Catches in 2016?

Will Godwin take the crown in back-to-back seasons? Will Hamilton reascend to the top?

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

On the surface, this seems like it would be a simple answer, considering how dominant Chris Godwin looked in 2015 when he got the ball in his hands. However, lurking just 24 catches behind him last season was DaeSean Hamilton, who caught a whopping 82 passes in 2014.

There's also Saeed Blacknall, who has yet to make too much of an impact on the field just yet, but has been constantly singled out as one of the most improved players this offseason. If he can take the next step and show why he was rated ahead of Godwin as a recruit, we could see him develop into a full-time weapon, rather than just a blocker on screen passes and a deep threat.

Might Brandon Polk or De'Andre Thompkins break out in 2016? Both were used sparingly on offense last season, and both almost exclusively on jet sweeps that the entire world saw coming. If Joe Moorhead's offense can allow for them to start running routes downfield, their speed could get each of them open in a hurry.

Perhaps one of the freshmen will make their presence known? Juwan Johnson and Irvin Charles both came to Penn state last year as four star players, and each has plenty of talent to make an impact on the field this season. With how much Moorhead's offense is designed to spread the ball around, it's possible that with one big game, one of them could work their way into the top receiver discussion.

What do you think, reader? Who will lead the Penn State receiving corps in receptions in the 2016 regular season?