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ESPN 30 for 30 Short: We Are

Take the time to watch and learn the story behind Penn State's recently-built "We Are" monument.

If you've walked on campus by Beaver Stadium, Pegula Arena or the Bryce Jordan Center any time in the last few years, chances are you've seen the recently-built "We Are" statue/monument outside of the redesigned Intramural building. It has become one of the campus' most popular "wait in line to take a picture" spots, and gives a little extra glimmer to the stadium/arena grounds in University Park.

While on the surface it just appears to be a simple monument to the school's famous chant, it was built with so much more in mind. In this new ESPN 30 for 30 short, we learn about how sculptor Jonathan Cramer came about his idea for his design-come-to-life.

From ESPN:

Penn State's path from the 2011 scandal to the design of their new campus statue. Sculptor Jonathan Cramer drew inspiration for its creation from the 1948 PSU football team that overcame racial adversity with the mantra 'We Are Penn State.'

To donate to the "We Are Wally" cause and help the Triplett family support Wally in the final stage of his life, follow this link.