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Black Shoe Podcast 3.4: Recapping the NFL Draft and Discussing "Linebacker U"

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Welcome back to the Black Shoe Podcast! Now that we're all set up with iTunes and our SoundCloud page and everything else, we're planning on getting this show back to a semi-regular schedule. You should be able to access a new episode either week, or every other week depending on circumstance.

Before we get into what to expect from this week's episode, make sure that you have subscribed to our podcast in some way, shape or form! If SoundCloud is your preferred method of listening, you can find us right here. If iTunes is your thing, we're over there, as well. Or you could just continue to listen right here on Black Shoe Diaries. Whatever floats your boat.

In today's episode, Bill, Nick, Cari and Adam all get together to discuss a litany of topics, including:

  • Where each Penn Stater that was drafted ended up
  • Which Penn Staters ended up in the best situations
  • Why Christian Hackenberg to the Jets is probably a good thing
  • Why Pro Football Focus is stupid
  • Which Penn Staters currently on campus have the potential to be high draft picks
  • Who the REAL Linebacker U is