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Success with Hyperlinking is Seeking an X-Factor

Plenty of links to get you through the first day back after a holiday weekend.

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The X Factor Our friends at Victory Bell Rings believe DaeSean Hamilton and Mike Gesicki are set to be the X factors of Penn State's new-look offense in 2016. Personally, I'm going with Mark Allen and Juwan Johnson, both who could add a whole new dangerous wrinkle this fall. While Hamilton experienced a drop in productivity in 2015, he's still one of the Big Ten's best, and should only get better as an upperclassman.

The Blind Leading the Blind The Big Ten has decided to tweak its replay system. As we all know, the Big Ten refs have a history of horribly botching calls on what seems like a weekly basis, even with clear video evidence.

Hail to the Chief Are you familiar with the name Jemal Griffin? Most likely now, but as Penn State's chief of staff he carries the weight of the program on his shoulders.

Baylor Turmoil When it comes to horrific crimes, the all-too-common thought process is it just doesn't happen in your own backyard, but rather far off places overrun by a loose set of morals. As Ben Jones points out, the reality is far graver. The fallout of the Baylor scandal has torn apart the team's recruiting class and leaves the future of the program in doubt. With Art Briles officially out as the Bears' head coach, many are calling for Baylor alumnus Mike Singletary to clean up the program.

Lax Update The Penn State Women's Lacrosse team had their national title hopes dashed in a stunning heartbreaker to North Carolina.

Because it's the Offseason Who can resist a good old-fashioned game of jet ski football?.....Here's hoping for a speedy recovery for LSU's Mike the Tiger, who is battling a rare form of cancer....Jim Harbaugh and company have an awfully busy summer in store.