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Success with Hyperlinking: Reactions to the Latest Paterno News

Why did it become November 2011 again?

Rob Carr/Getty Images

As you have no doubt heard by now, there were some new revelations yesterday regarding the Sandusky scandal, who knew what, and when they knew it. PennLive broke the news last night, with the 1976 revelations coming from a single line that relates back to the University's legal case with their insurance provider over legal settlements with numerous victims.

Both VICE and NBC summarize the details surrounding this latest revelation. Friend of the blog, Sam Cooper from Yahoo's Dr. Saturday blog has a solid round up as well.

If opinions from smart people that write well are your thing, Dan Wetzel from Yahoo sports asks many questions that deserve to be answered, and Michael McCann from breaks down the details of the latest accusation. If you want to see the hottest take on the internet, I would suggest checking out Bill Bender at The Sporting News.

Oh, and the Penn State Alumni Association formally asked the school to honor Paterno just a day before it hit the fan all over again.