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MMQB: What is Your Favorite Part of Returning to Your Alma Mater?

The memories? The friends? The bars?

Rob Carr/Getty Images

This past weekend, I was up in Happy Valley to see my sister graduate from Penn State. In order to get over to the Bryce Jordan Center for the ceremony, my girlfriend and I decided to walk, so we could pass by all of the buildings we had class in, places we shared memories at, etc.

The perfect weather helped, but it was hard not to get nostalgic as we went. Memories flashed through my mind ranging from "Hey, remember how I copied off of you for a project in that class and got a better grade than you" to "Remember that day we just sat on that bench and people watched for a few hours?" It was as relaxed as I've been in a while, and it was the kind of relaxation that only came to be thanks to this feeling of peace that the Penn State campus brings me.

Everyone has memories like that of their alma mater, whether that alma mater is Penn State, Ohio, Millersville or anywhere else in the world. Maybe that walk around campus is your favorite part of returning to the scene of your three-five years of shenanigans. Maybe your favorite part is heading to your favorite bar downtown. Maybe your favorite part is saying hello to a certain professor. Regardless of what your favorite thing is, we want to hear it. So tell me, Black Shoe Diaries readers, what is your favorite part of returning to your alma mater? Or if you haven't been able to visit since you graduated, what are you most looking forward to when you are able to return?