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de Bear Necessities: Goodbye

After over four years in the blogging game, it is time to move on

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I have been fortunate enough to have spent more than four years writing about a place I love for two different outlets. I have met many great people, many of whom I am beyond lucky to now call friends, all through Victory Bell Rings and Black Shoe Diaries. But, as happens to many a blogger, life away from the computer has caught up to me, and this will be my final post on BSD.

Bill said much of what I wanted to last week, but we all do this, for not much more than a thank you, because we genuinely enjoy it. When I first started with this writing thing back in 2012 at VBR, I was just a guy that wanted to say some things. When I take a step back and look at everything I have written since, I feel beyond humbled to know I have been able to share my thoughts with so many people. I figured it only appropriate to share a few final ones as I bid farewell.

  • Penn State plays Pitt this fall. Penn State will not lose to them. That is all.
  • PSU is 8 or 9 wins, and an offense that does not appear to be trying to procreate with a chicken, away from a big time close to the 2017 recruiting class.
  • I do not know how many games Penn State basketball will win this coming season (other than the fact they will beat Duke), but dangit, are they going to be really fun to watch. There is also not a better place to follow shooty hoops than here. Chad, Eric, and the rest of the basketbros deserve a freaking medal. And probably some psychiatric help.
  • I will end the first one of you making a terrible "rats be fleeing" joke.
  • Fuck Bill.
  • bortles