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Success with Hyperlinking is Reuniting and it Feels So Good

Links and a sneaker roast for your Friday enjoyment.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to a Friday edition of Success with Hyperlinking. Please don't delete your account until after reading, we need these pageviews.

Today's content aggregating soundtrack: Komeda! Swedish indie/pop is ready for its comeback, I'll drive that train myself if I have to.


Oh please don't act like you wouldn't watch an OB and Pat buddy cop show.


Beer at Beaver Stadium? Beerver Stadium, if you will? Maybe! Ohio State is implementing stadium-wide sales of alcohol, and Sandy Barbour went on Outside the Lines to discuss Penn State's "research" into alcohol sales at sporting and other events at Penn State facilities. Common sense dictates that it's only a matter of time until booze is sold with little restriction at Beaver Stadium, and lord knows the BJC needs it yesterday. Suck it, Murray Sperber.

State College's Silent Crisis

Take it away Mr. Jumpman sir:

Ever since the KFC on Atherton got turned into a dang jewelry store, the greater State College area has been missing a good fried chicken joint.* Josh makes two salient points here: 1) SC needs a chicken 'straunt and 2) it needs to be a Popeyes, aka the only acceptable fried chicken 'straunt. Look at this hellscape:

Unacceptable. People are always talking about how football coaches have too much power, well any football coach worth a damn would get a Popeyes near campus within a year of their hiring. Sorry James, it may already be too late for you.

*(icks-nay on the Y-may Y-may Icken-chay, the students don't know yet. We can keep it our little secret).

The Great Sneaker Roast of 2016

Yesterday was a monumental day in Twitter history. Stephen Curry's latest Under Armour sneakers were released, and boy do they look like Nike Air Monarchs or New Balance [three numbers]s:

Twitter had jokes. To the Aggregator!:

Waiting in the car while the she returns clothes 2s. That joke has undoubtedly been made already. I don't care. The shoe jokes are good. Though I don't know if they top the original shoe roast. Please stop roasting my goddamn shoes.