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Only Isaac Smolko Until Penn State Football

For day 81, we travel back to 2005.

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

With no one currently on Penn State's roster that fits the bill for our countdown, it's time to take you back to 2005 and Isaac Smolko's clutch reception that saved the season.

Penn State went 11-1 on the year, not including their Orange Bowl win, and a big reason why they got to where they did was thanks to the hands of Smolko. Trailing by a pair and with two minutes left against Northwestern, Michael Robinson completed a 4th and 15 pass to Smolko, which eventually set up the touchdown that won the game for Penn State that then kept their unbeaten season alive.

Smolko had three touchdowns and 35 receptions for Penn State during his three year career as a tight end, but he is no doubt remembered for the clutch catch that helped propel the Nittany Lions to a key win over Northwestern.

Only 81 more days until Penn State football!