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Vegas Sets Penn State Football At Over/Under 6.5 Wins In 2016

Some may call this line pretty reasonable. Others, ehh...not so much.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Following a disappointing four-game losing streak to finish the 2015 season and with several key positions breaking in new starters (particularly of note, quarterback and the defensive line), not to mention a shaky offensive line that still has yet to prove itself worthy of keeping its quarterback protected on a regular basis, the professional oddsmakers aren't exactly feeling bullish about Penn State's 2016 season, as VegasInsider and South Point Sports Book both list the Nittany Lions' over/under at 6.5 wins.

If you're someone who believes that Joe Moorhead's fast-paced spread offense combined with Matt Limegrover's offensive line teachings will lead to a more polished product on that side of the ball and that Sean Spencer will groom a new breed of 'Wild Dogs' good enough to help mitigate the losses of several key players on the defensive line, you're probably on the phone with your bookie right now betting the over. If you're not quite as optimistic about either of the aforementioned scenarios occurring, then perhaps this is a line you may be reluctant to touch.

Below is a listing of all of the over/unders pertaining to each Big Ten team in 2016. Please note that -110 means that you would need to wager $110 in order to win $100 (as in the case of betting on Penn State to win more or less than 6.5 games). On the other hand, if you wager $100 on +110 odds (for example, you bet $100 on Maryland winning more than 4.5 games this season), you would become $110 richer should the odds work in your favor.

Michigan 10 -110 -110
Ohio State 9.5 +105 -125
Iowa 8.5 -110 -110
Nebraska 8.5 -110 -110
Michigan State 7.5 -130 +110
Wisconsin 7 -110 -110
Northwestern 6.5 -120 +100
Penn State 6.5 -110 -110
Minnesota 6 -110 -110
Illinois 4.5 -110 -110
Indiana 4.5 -110 -110
Maryland 4.5 +110 -130
Purdue 4.5 -110 -110
Rutgers 4.5 -125 +105

So, what do you folks think? Too low? Too high? Just right? Sound off in our poll and give us your #hotvegastakes in the comments section.