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MMQB: What's Your Favorite Penn State Tradition?

We Are? The Whiteout? The Floating Lion? Black Shoes and Basic Blues? Where to even begin??

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

I'm the type of person who can watch college football from the noon kickoff until the clock hits 0:00 for the final Pac-12 or Mountain West game of the day. But when it comes to the NFL, I find myself completely indifferent until late December when the playoffs are on the line. Why the dichotomy? Well for one, I would probably find my belongings in the front yard if I spent the entirety of each weekend glued to the TV. But the reason one enthralls me while the other barely receives my attention comes down to two things- atmosphere and tradition. The flatness of the NFL gameday experience just can't touch 100,000-plus crazed fans squeezed cheering on their team in their own unique way.

There is no shortage of traditions when it comes to a storied program like Penn State. My personal favorite though, is a seemingly simple one- when the team arrives at Beaver Stadium in those unmistakable blue buses, welcomed to the battleground by thousands of screaming fans. I can only imagine the feeling of stepping off that bus with a mix of emotions and laser-focus on the game ahead and have an entire community of fans letting you know they have your back and will be there through thick and thin. Of any motivating factors heading into a game, knowing such a large group of people truly believe in you has to be near the very top.

So what say you, BSD reader? What is your favorite Penn State tradition?