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Success With Hyperlinking is Paying Its Respects

Links from around the web to keep you entertained during the dead period.

The Courier-Journal-USA TODAY Sports


Cupcakes! Cupcakes everywhere! BTN released a ranking of the 2016 OOC schedules for each Big Ten division. Penn State comes in second in the East, right behind Ohio State. In dead last comes Maryland, which has a slate consisting of Howard, Florida International, and UCF. Adding insult to injury, the last two contests are on the road.

All they do is win. Morgan McIntosh and Nico Megaludis took home a pair of national championships after competing in the 2016 University National Freestyle Championships over the weekend. Geno Morelli and Jared Cortez placed sixth (80kg) and fifth (61kg), respectively.

More Hall of Famers. Former Field Hockey All-American (and head coach) Char Morett-Curtiss and former kicker Craig Fayak will be inducted into the 54th annual Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame. The ceremony is scheduled for October 22nd at the Bayfront Convention Center. Congratulations to both inductees!

Continued excellence. On Friday, the 20th Anniversary Coaches vs Cancer Golf Tournament was held at the Blue and White Golf coursses. A number of former Nittany Lion Basketball players were in attendance, including Tim Frazier, Joe and Jon Crispin, and Pete Lisicky. Pat Chambers has been a staple at these events since being hired in 2011. In 2014, Chambers lost is brother to cancer, and the event has taken a different meaning ever since.

In other news...

Like us here at Black Shoe Diaries, GameDay is counting down the days until the season kicks off. At number 89 comes the 4th-and-goal play that sealed the National Championship for the Nittany Lions in the Fiesta Bowl.

Dolla dolla billz yall! Recent Michigan commit Corey Malone-Hatcher wore a lei made of dollar bills to the press conference where he made his announcement. Corey defended the choice, saying there are no shady deals going on behind the scenes and that "no school that recruited me will give you red flags in my personality." Rock those dollar bills my man!

Last, but not least, this weekend we lost one of the great humanitarians and athletes in the country. Muhammad Ali, thank you for all you did for your community. You will be missed. Ali's funeral and prayer services will be open to the public.