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Success With Hyperlinking is Ready for Arts Fest 2016

Jamelle Cornley

Number One Again-After Penn State was named the most active university (as reported in our last SwH), we weren’t expecting another top ranking so soon. However, Tom Fornelli of CBS Sports declares the classic blue and white duds to be the Big Ten’s best. It’s too bad that current recruits seem to prefer flash over tradition. 60 recruits like Oregon’s uniforms? Even those neon ones?

Is Their Day in Court Getting Closer?- The AP is reporting that retired Berks County judge John Boccabella will handle the trial of former administrators Gary Schultz, Tim Curley, and Graham Spanier. More information can be found here.

Steele’s Blue and White Thoughts-College and pro football writer Phil Steele seems impressed with Coach Joe Moorhead’s offensive scheme so far, and expects great improvement from 2015. Getting a comparison to TCU isn’t too shabby...

Football Recruiting Update-Penn Live gives out this Penn State and Big Ten recruiting update. FWIW, the last two weeks was a dead period. (I’m trying to calm myself about Micah Parsons’ travel plans.) Stay tuned for our recruiting updates as they come in, especially after this big recruiting weekend.

Chambers is Doing Work-Not satisfied with his Roman Catholic High School haul from this year, Coach Chambers is still on the recruiting trail. As you saw on Sunday, Penn State picked up a commitment from 2018 small forward Myles Dread. The Nittany Lions also offered this 2018 power forward on Saturday . Forrester will have played at three different schools, including Central Dauphin in Harrisburg, and Kiski Prep in western PA, before coming to Westtown. His other interested schools include Temple, Penn, and Stony Brook. Also his school’s nickname is the Moose.

The Parking Police Strike Again-Huge parking news, everyone. First, Onward State and others reported that Berkey Creamery will now charge for parking. So much for flipping on the flashers for a quick cone, folks. Flashers as in car lights. Not advocating anything else. Additionally, three Penn State parking decks (East, HUB, and Nittany) will charge for parking 24/7 over the next few months.

Jamelle’s Back! Well, Sort Of-We have a Jamelle Cornley sighting, everyone! The former fan-favorite power forward was back in town as he contemplates retirement. If Jamelle hangs it up, perhaps Pat could find him a place on the staff?

Arts Fest is Almost Here-Once again, it’s nearly time for the 50th annual Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts, or that one time in the summer where State College is packed with people everywhere. This site is your guide to all performances, sidewalk sales, and other important information. I’ll be there, so hit me up if you want to go clubbin’.