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BSD Mailbag 7.15.16

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You've got questions, BSD has answers!

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14-1 or 15-0? PhillyLion
It's July, so obviously 15-0. Now just wait for the first three-and-out/turnover/incomplete pass against Kent State and I'll be screaming at my TV that we'll be lucky to win three games this season.

You get one wish for next year, would you rather have: Penn State Men’s basketball makes it to the Sweet Sixteen in the NCAA tournament (but no further) or Penn State Football goes 9-3 and finishes second in the Big Ten East? Snow Lion
Without a doubt, I'd go with the Sweet 16 appearance. Could you imagine how much fun it would be to have all those meaningful games during the second-half of the regular season, Big Ten Conference Tournament, and then just go dancing in March? Making it to the Sweet 16 would also likely have a dramatic impact on the future of the program. Pat Chambers has proven to be an excellent recruiter, and this would only increase the level of talent he could bring to Penn State. Something of this could result in Penn State being a regular in the Top 25 and a team that expects to have a spot in the tournament for years to come.

A 9-3 football season would somewhat exceed my expectations and prove James Franklin has the ship heading in the right direction, but in the end we probably wouldn't appreciate it all that much. There would be some excitement for the future, but it would likely result in a lot of hand-wringing about how we should have beat such-and-such opponent, and/or the fact that we aren't at the level of OSU/Michigan/Sparty at this point in time.

Now that Cleveland has a title which loser city is next to win a championship? San Diego or Buffalo? Gerry Dincher
Following the Cavs amazing run to a championship, it has to be Buffalo, right? They just fit all the criteria to be the next team to overcome their curse- long and snowy winters? Check. An extremely long and painful championship drought? Check. Being known in the sports world for a series of heartbreaks? Check.

San Diego is one of the most beautiful and beloved cities you'll find. And who knows how much longer they'll even have a football team? Let's say the Bills manage to put everything in place and win the Super Bowl in 2020. Call your bookies now.

Do you expect us to beat Pitt this year? And why? lionrambler
Yes- because it's July. In all seriousness, I'm not sure what to expect. Pitt posted a better record than expected last season, but nothing jumped out at me to think they were anything special last season. I do think if Pat Narduzzi sticks around he will build a solid program similar to what his former boss Mark Dantonio has done at Michigan State- make the most of the talent at hand, play frenzied defense and a simple but effective offense led by a powerful running game. You could start to see it already in his "Year Zero." It will just take another year or two and I have doubts that Pitt has the same ceiling as Sparty.

However, Penn State has its fair share of question marks heading into the season. While I am currently expecting a somewhat narrow victory for the Nittany Lions, you just never know what you're getting with a rebuilt offensive and defensive line and largely inexperienced quarterback. But like I said, it's July- let's say good guys- 27, the other guys- 17.

Salt on watermelon Do you do it? I just tried it and don’t get it. It just tastes like salty watermelon now. GSAPS
One of the simple joys of life is sitting outside and enjoying a few slices of watermelon on a hot summer day. Why ruin it with salt? It's perfectly fine on its own.