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MMQB: Who Would You Rather Have Sign With Penn State -- Lamont Wade or D'Andre Swift?

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Out of the two highest ranked prospects in Pennsylvania, who would you rather see end up in Happy Valley?

Lamont Wade
Lamont Wade
Steve Wiltfong/247Sports

Although Penn State has gotten off to a slow start on the 2017 recruiting trail, James Franklin still has more than enough time to salvage the class. One way to do that would be adding an impact recruit, with two of the Nittany Lions' most coveted prospects being cornerback Lamont Wade (Clairton, PA) and running back D'Andre Swift (Philadelphia, PA). Both Wade and Swift are consensus top 60 recruits, and either player would be a major coup for the class of 2017.

For those that follow recruiting, you're most likely aware that Wade is the far more likelier option than Swift to eventually end up in Happy Valley. Many believe that Penn State leads for the Clairton product, meanwhile Swift is trending towards the SEC, with his home-state school only currently considered a darkhorse depending upon how the Nittany Lions fare on the field in the upcoming season. But current standing aside, who would you rather see in blue and white -- Swift or Wade?

Although both prospects would become regular contributors the second they step on campus, neither recruit plays a major position of need. The Nittany Lions are pretty well set at running back (Saquon Barkley and Miles Sanders) and cornerback (Grant Haley and John Reid), so both Swift and Wade wouldn't be called upon as immediate starters early in their careers.

So at that point, it just simply comes down to who the more talented player is. While Wade has the potential to be a multiple time All-Big Ten cornerback, there are legitimate concerns about his length. So because of that, I'm going with Swift. While he too has size and durability concerns, he's just too explosive to not make an incredible impact at the next level. Even if he isn't the workhorse like Ezekiel Elliot or Saquon Barkley, you can never have too many players who are considered touchdown threats any time they touch the ball.

But what do I know? Who would you rather see take the field as a Nittany Lion -- Lamont Wade or D'Andre Swift?