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Lost Success With Hyperlinking From 2006 Found In A BSD Desk Drawer

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Check out this early version of SWH

Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Just in time for the BSD Ten Year Anniversary theme, we found a never-published version of one the first success with hyperlinking articles. It encapsulates the period of time when our humble blog was born. It was written in September of 2006 following week one of the football season.

Let’s take a look at it, complete with updates when new information has become available. Do you remember what was going on in the world of sports and entertainment ten years ago?

Week 1 News Around The Big Ten

It was quite a weekend around the Big Ten. Penn State handled Akron with ease, 34-16, we broke it down for you earlier in the week with this post-game wrap-up. The Lions struggled to gain yardage on the ground, with Tony Hunt rushing for 36 yards on 14 carries. It’s going to be interesting to see if coach Paterno will hold freshman running back Evan Royster out this year, or whether he get carries as a true freshman. Here’s a little tidbit about Royster that you may not know. He played lacrosse, and played well I might add, in high school. Take that little factoid and put it in your Old Navy T-shirt pocket and hold it there for when you want to impress your fellow Penn State football fans. You heard it here first. Evan Royster played lacrosse.

Troy Smith connected with Ted Ginn Jr. for two early touchdowns in the Buckeye’s easy 35-12 victory versus Northern Illinois. Antonio Pittman rushed for 111 yards and freshman Chris Wells put up an impressive 50 yards on 10 carries.

First-year coach Bret Bielema is off to a good start in Wisconsin. In his first game since taking over for Barry Alvarez, the new skipper oversaw a 35-14 drubbing of Bowling Green in Cleveland, Ohio. Offensive tackle Joe Thomas protected John Stocco and made holes for P. J. Hill, who finished with 130 yards on the ground.

Bielema was the youngest coach in division one college football for a few months during the off-season until Pat Fitzgerald took the helm at Northwestern in July. Fitzgerald was named the head coach for the Wildcats following the shocking unexpected early death of well-liked coach Randy Walker.

What Else Is On The Internet?

Now that over 50% of all American households that use the internet have broadband service in their home, the landscape of the internet is changing. DSL and cable internet services offer a constant connection to the world wide web. No longer do the majority of internet surfers have to wait longer than a minute on the on-ramp to gain access to the information superhighway. The download speeds are tremendous, with some providers offering lightening-fast speeds of up to 8 Mbps on some of the higher-end networks.

This change brings with it the revolution of Web 2.0 that has shifted the content found on the internet to be less from a few creators to a focus on user-created content. Social media websites such as Friendster and MySpace have made it possible for individuals to upload pictures, video, and their musings online. Constant-connect internet and the advances of Web 2.0 have made this web log, the Black Shoe Diaries, possible.

Twttr, a strange new social media website that launched in July, allows users to express themselves in 140 characters or fewer. Some ideas are just plain stupid, right? Check back in ten years, this will be a funny story.

The same goes for another social network that one of my nephews, who is a college student, is raving about. Facebook. MySpace is fully entrenched as the leader in social media, valuated at $600 million. That’s million with an m. MySpace is the most frequently visited website, surpassing Google earlier this year. It seems like the social media market is saturated, there’s no room for another MySpace wannabe. Here’s an in-depth article detailing the history of Facebook as we know it to this point. You may want to return to college, Mr. Zuckerberg, to have something to fall back on when this doesn’t work out.

(Update: Facebook currently has a market capitalization of $340 billion dollars and is the 3rd most visited website, trailing only youtube and google. MySpace was sold for $35 million in 2011. That’s still million with an m.)

Celebrity and Pop Culture News

Crikey! Some sad news to report on the television personality front. Steve Irwin died in a freak accident, having been attacked by a normally docile stingray. Irwin was best known for The Crocodile Hunter series and also for feeding a crocodile while holding his 1 month-old son. Just remember Steve, the food is in the left hand, the baby is in the right hand. Try not to mix that up. From the crocodile’s viewpoint, the food is in both hands.

In happier news, the up-and-coming solo artist Beyonce celebrated her 25th birthday on September 4. With the success of her first effort following the breakup of Destiny’s Child, it appears that Ms. Knowles will do just fine without Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. It also sounds like she will be just fine without that deadbeat dude she was hanging out with up until recently. Check out her performance at the American Music Awards. Bro, drop them keys and take the contents of the box to the left and move on. You are replaceable.

Another rising Diva that is poised for lasting success in the entertainment world is Paris Hilton. I’ll tell you what’s hot, Paris, your career! After coming onto the entertainment scene with her antics both in public and private, Ms. Hilton took the reality television world by storm when she and Nicole Richie starred in The Simple Life in 2003. Hilton made her feature film debut in House of Wax in 2005. There’s no stopping this woman! She recently released her first music video, Stars Are Blind. Take a listen at this hit track. It’s gold I tell you, gold! The American public will never get enough of her talent.

(Update: Paris Hilton, who was famous for being famous and for being rich with money that she did not earn, is worth roughly $100 million in 2016. Not too shabby. Beyonce’s current estimated net worth is $450 million. Add that to her husband Jay Z’s estimated net worth of $600 million and the couple is worth a billion dollars. But who’s counting?)