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Only Shaka Toney Until Penn State Football

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44 days til the 2016 season!

Toney cover
Ryan Bartow, 247Sports

Imhotep Institute’s Shaka Toney committed to Penn State last summer and though it looked like he might flip to Pitt at the last minute, he stayed firm in his commitment and is a Nittany Lion, up on campus and part of the 2016 class.

Toney was recruited initially as an outside linebacker with the potential to be a hybrid defensive end pass rusher, and was publicized as one of DL coach Sean Spencer’s #WildDogs. He’s still on the light side—his new official weight is lower than what was publicized when he committed to PSU—so as of now staff predictions that he was likely to redshirt this fall still look on point.

He’s got speed and athleticism and a tremendous upside. And he’s number 44, with only 44 days to go.