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Sandy Barbour Talks About On-Field Progress, Negative Recruiting, and Facilities

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NCAA Football: Penn State at Northwestern Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

Penn State Athletic Director Sandy Barbour was all over the news earlier today, talking with various media outlets about expectations for the football program going forward, the continued negative recruiting by other schools in relation to IT, and when the general public will know of the facilities renovation plans. While we highly recommend reading the full articles that are linked to in parentheses below, here are a few important snippets that you can glean if you don’t have the time to do so:

With regards to expectations on the football program going forward (via Lions 247):

“I think it’s really hard to, particularly at the junction we’re at, to say, ‘It’s gonna take X number of wins,’” Barbour said Wednesday. “So to me, it’s about progress. It’s about controlling the controllable, and I think James and his staff have done an incredible job of that. … Academics, character, community service. They’ve hit that out of the park.”

“The troublesome thing is the last couple years we’ve been in games that we’ve lost, some close games, but we’ve also had some games where they’ve run away from us in the second half,” Barbour said. “That shouldn’t happen. We’re gonna lose some football games. OK. I’d prefer not to. But nobody should blow us out. Nobody. And I think that some of that is sanctions.

On the negative recruiting from other programs/coaches claiming the NCAA will tack on additional penalties in light of the recent news about IT that has unfolded in the media over the past couple of months (via Lions247):

"I have, Dr. (Eric) Barron has been in constant communication with the NCAA, the Big Ten, they could not be more pleased with how we’ve gone about addressing what they consider to be our issues," Barbour said. "To insinuate that NCAA enforcement is looking at us and considering additional sanctions is preposterous. And they consider the case closed. There are no more sanctions. Both the Big Ten and NCAA agreed to end the sanctions 18 months early. There is no more monitor."

On when the master plan for the facilities renovations will be released to the general public (via

The master plan will be done in August but it won’t be prepared for the public unveiling, so I would say sometime early to mid fall would be somewhere that we would be ready to come out with whatever we’re going to do. Late September, early October.