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Only Noah Beh Until Penn State Football

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60 more days until kickoff.

Noah Beh was heavily recruited coming out of Scranton Prep High School. He committed to Penn State in June of 2013 when the scholarship limits were at their most severe. Coach Bill O’Brien was only allowed to bring in 15 new players that year. Until Beh signed, it was a bevy of wide receivers and running backs in the recruiting class. The 2014 class of recruits was later allowed to expand when the NCAA relaxed its sanctions, but for coach O’Brien to put so much stock in Beh, using one of his non-skill player slots at that time, is a sign that good things are in his future at Penn State.

The offensive line was so thin at this point in the program’s history that it was speculated that Beh could potentially be pushed into action early in his career due to necessity. Instead Beh sat out 2014 with a redshirt. In 2015 he appeared in 13 games on special teams. He garnered a little experience last season and has gained a lot of weight and strength in his two years at Penn State. The 6’6”, 245 pound high school student that committed to the program is now 290 pounds and ready to make an impact on the field. While Andrew Nelson and Paris Palmer, two seniors with an abundance of playing experience are likely to get the nod as the starting tackles, Beh could push for playing time. Chance Sorrell and Brendan Mahon are two other names in the mix to make a case to crack the lineup.

We may see a little bit of Beh this year, or it could be one more year waiting in the wings for the big guy. It’s also not out of the question that he could take one of the starting spots with a strong showing in the preseason practices, which begin in just one short month.

Only three score days until Penn State football!