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TMQB: How High is Penn State's Ceiling in 2016?

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Just how far can Penn State go should everything fall into place this season?

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

It's early July of a relatively quiet summer for Penn State, which means it's the perfect time for unbridled optimism. I mean, we're all tied for first place at the moment, right?

So today we ask- just how good can Penn State be in 2016? For the sake of argument, let's assume all of our current concerns are quickly assuaged- Joe Moorhead seamlessly installs a new offense that lights up the scoreboard each week, the mix of young talent and experience gels along the offensive line, Trace-McSorley channels his inner M-Rob, the starting linebackers stay healthy with the younger reserves quickly developing, the new starters on the defensive line immediately step in and become a force like so mane others have in the past decade or so, etc., etc.

If all this should happen, what's in the cards for Penn State? A solid 9-3 season? Double-digit victories and a New Year's Day bowl? A Big Ten East title? A victory in the Big Ten Championship Game and the Rose Bowl? Even if everything falls into place perfectly, could this team somehow find a spot in the College Football Playoffs?

There's plenty of stuff coming up between now and the opening kickoff against Kent State where I'll be laying out my expectations and best and worst-case scenarios, but for now, beloved BSD reader, just how high can Penn State climb in 2016?