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The BSD Community: Ten Years in the Making

As we prepare for another sports season that is just around the corner, let’s take a moment to appreciate what we have together here at the Black Shoe Diaries.

Ohio State v Penn State Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images

There have been several management changes since the inception of this wonderful blog ten years ago. More than fifty writers have come and gone and with each new infusion of contributors the quality of the coverage has improved. Oftentimes when there is an opening for a writer, the position is filled from the comment section, with one of our readers getting the call.

We have talent and diversity up and down the BSD masthead. Our staff ranges in age from the early 20’s to the early 40’s, and hails from eight separate states. Our footprint is vast and our team is diverse in many ways. We have a collection of skills outside of our contributions to BSD that allows us to bring a depth of experience to the final product. It’s truly a pleasure to commingle with the staff. We are not of one mind, which brings out a balanced presentation. Our goal is to provide quality coverage that is not geared toward clickbait. We shy away from articles that speculate negatively about players or coaches without merit.

There is a significant amount of talent, from various walks of life, inhabiting our comment region and fanpost sector as well.

We have readers in just about every state in the union in addition to other countries. There is a 50 year spread in age between our youngest and our more experienced BSD members. The collection of knowledge and life experience, as well as humor, makes our community a very unique place.

All members past and present have been a part of what we now share together, the BSD community. There have been times when the comment section was used as a refuge from the world surrounding us as Penn State fans. Other times we celebrate together or use it as a means of catharsis. We pass the time with silly threads like a group of convicts doing a nine-month stretch together during the football off-season. There is also plenty of off-topic sharing that has become a nice part of our collective experience.

Over time we get pretty familiar with the personalities of the people who comment below the articles or construct fanposts. When one of our longtime members passed away two years ago, the bond that we share was evident. Read PghNittany’s comment, Bob’s daughter, and you will understand. Our community has positive impacts in the real world. Real-life friendships have started in our midst. That would not be possible without the banter in the comment section.

Without getting too sappy, we want to say thank you to all of you who have made our experience worthwhile. We enjoy the interaction with the readers as much as any other part of what we do at BSD. The chances are a few current members posting knowledge in the comment section will one day join the masthead. Others will continue to make our work days, especially in the off-season, a little more bearable.

As the football team continues to practice in preparation for the upcoming season, which will lead into another solid nine months of Penn State sports, let’s all take a moment to share a toast, or a roast if that comes more naturally, to one another in the comment section.

You are all a bunch of fighters.