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Only John Cappelletti Until Penn State Football

22 days to go! Time for a shout-out to the only player in PSU history to have a jersey number retired in his honor.

This was literally only photo that the USA Today/Getty image searches brought up for John Cappelletti (I know, blasphemy!)

Look, I’m pretty certain that you, Dear Reader, already know who John Cappelletti is and what significance he brings to the history of Penn State football, so I’m not going to bother re-hashing his accomplishments for the bajillionth time. However, if you’ve happened to take a peak at the team roster lately, you may realize that nobody on the current squad is rocking Cappelletti’s old number 22. That’s because a few short years ago, the football program announced that in honor of Mr. Cappelletti, they would retire the number and that Akeel Lynch would be the last person to ever rock the double-two’s.

Well, Mr. Lynch has since moved on to Nevada, which leaves us fine folks here at BSD in a predicament: Should we just go ahead and honor John every ‘22 days until PSU football’ on forward? Or should we dig deep into the archives to try and find other famed No. 22’s in PSU football history? We write, you decide (in the comments section below).