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Success With Hyperlinking Is Going Home With Medals

Olympics: Fencing Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Penn State Fencing Is Doing Work In Rio

We will go more in-depth with our Penn Staters in the Olympics coverage in a post later this week, but congrats go out to Miles Chamley-Watson (pictured in the above tweet, cherishing his prize) and Monica Aksamit, who played roles in winning bronze medals for the U.S. men’s team foil and U.S. women’s team sabre squads, respectively.

The BTN Bus Rolls Into Happy Valley...And Comes Away Impressed

In case you haven’t already watched it, BTN’s trio of Dave Revsine, Gerry DiNardo, and Howard Griffith came into Happy Valley over this past weekend and recorded segments (including interviews with James Franklin, Joe Moorhead, and Saquon Barkley) that aired yesterday on the networks’ ‘BTN Live’ show. If Twitter was any indication, Gerry DiNardo certainly came away impressed:

And before you pooh-pooh these tweets as DiNardo trying to suck up to PSU fans, he was one of only a handful of analysts who expressed deep concerns about the offensive line last year. Also, Tom Dienhart expressed optimism about PSU in his column on BTN’s website.

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