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Only Brandon Bell Until Penn State Football

Just 11 more days until Brandon Bell leads the charge against Kent State!

Michigan v Penn State Photo by Evan Habeeb/Getty Images

Prepare for the following scenario in just 11 days:

It’s 3:40 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 3. After Alex Barbir’s opening kickoff sails through the end zone, Kent State’s starting quarterback goes under the center, loudly screaming the cadence so his teammates can hear it over the roar of an amped-up Beaver Stadium crowd, letting out a cathartic scream after waiting eight months for the new season to begin. He scans the field, looking for any opening to exploit as the play clock winds down. Suddenly, he locks eyes with Brandon Bell’s icy stare. Out of nowhere, he jumps up and signals for a timeout so he can replace his soiled pants. The crowd goes nuts as Bell silently stews about the fact he now has to wait a few additional minutes until he can lay down a crushing hit on whichever Golden Flash finds themselves in the midst of his warpath.

While this scenario might not play out exactly on Sept. 3, Bell is certain to strike fear in the heart of opponents throughout the 2016 season. The senior linebacker is primed for a huge season as the vocal leader of the Nittany Lions defense. Bell plays with an equal amount of enthusiasm and viciousness that has made for many momentum-shifting plays throughout his career at Penn State, with more to come in his final season in the blue and white.

Only 11 more days until Penn State football!