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Success With Hyperlinking is Diving in Head First

Your Tuesday link goodness is here

james franklin arms

With only Brandon Bell until Penn State football kicks off, you’d expect it to be a somewhat newsworthy week. James Franklin, though, hasn’t named a starting quarterback, or even issued an initial depth chart. Still, we’ve got some links designed to take up most of your lunch hour (or workday . . . ):

On the Platform. Franklin and the staff threw a pool party for the players in place of Saturday’s second practice, which was clearly a much appreciated respite from the heat and hustle.

Diving In. Of course, CJF had not an issue taking a gigantic, head first leap.

[Editor’s note: The Philippines ain’t got nothing on us]

Want to join the fun? Run-on tryouts are scheduled to begin with an “informational meeting” on August 29th at 6:00 p.m. Get after it, couch potatoes.

The Night Of. It wouldn’t be Penn State football if we didn’t have to constantly relive bad things that have happened to us. BackLasch takes us back to New Year’s Eve 2013, the night Bill O’Brien’s power play went awry.

DE-FENSE (clap clap). The Daily Collegian looks at replacements for last year’s all-star defensive line, and PennLive previews John Reid’s anticipated breakout year.

Offense? No QB decision yet, but Mike Poorman discusses how Franklin’s relationship with Trace McSorley is “critical.”

Button up. Citizens Bank released their list of buttons this week. Personal favorite - “Lions have Change for a Buck.”

General Penn State news. Evidently, the University’s network couldn’t handle the pressure of the first day of class and went down. Completely shocking . . . Penn State sorority sisters were in federal court last week over alleged bullying issues, but appear to have made up as of this week. Thank goodness . . . A Penn State junior has decided to publish a book highlighting all the resources available to students on campus. Nice work, Brian Davis.