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Only Brandon Polk Until Penn State Football

Just 10 more days until Penn State clashes with Kent State in Beaver Stadium!

Indiana v Penn State Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Early in the 2015 week one game against Temple, Brandon Polk checked into the lineup for the first time in his collegiate career. The true freshman then took a jet sweep and darted down the sideline for a 33-yard gain. The way Polk made his way to the corner made it obvious he has that one thing that can’t be coached— pure, blinding speed.

However, because of Penn State’s simplistic offense in 2015, it became evident which play was coming whenever Polk set foot on the field. And if you can call a play before the snap from your living room, odds are so can a defensive coordinator being payed a hefty salary who spends countless hours figuring out how to slow down the opposing offense.

Things should be looking up for Penn State’s offense with Joe Moorhead in charge, and it should mean big things for a player of Polk’s caliber. Moorhead loves to keep a defense on its toes by spreading the ball between many playmakers, and you can bet your last dollar he has a few ideas on how to get speedsters like Polk and DeAndre Thompkins in the open field. And when they least expect it, how about a jet sweep to Polk for old-time’s sake?

Just 10 more days until Penn State takes the field!