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Only Cam Brown Until Penn State Football

31 days until this countdown is done, it’s almost time for some football fun!

Cam Brown, LB, PSU Photo: 247Sports" "2

Cam Brown (not to be mistaken with recent WR commit Cameron Sullivan-Brown) comes into Penn State as a 4* LB out of Paint Branch High School in Maryland. Brown committed last summer following the Lasch Bash, and chose Penn State over Notre Dame, UNC, USC, and Pitt who were also in his Top 5.

If he sees playing time this year, it will most likely be at linebacker or on special teams, but he might not be a long-term fit for the LB position. His combination of size and athleticism make him an intriguing prospect, and at 6’5” and 215 lbs it is widely thought that Brown could be a candidate to switch to the defensive line later in his career.

Watching Cam’s high-school highlights, his speed and strength jump off the screen. He will have work to do in the weight-room before he is able to overpower B1G opponents the way he could in high school, but has the potential to become a very talented pass rusher for Penn State.