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Committany Nation: Penn State Recruiting is Ready to Pick Up the Pace

After five commitments in three weeks, Penn State is sitting pretty with 13 total commits and a top 25 class.

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Welcome back to Committany Nation! As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to tweet at me (@misdreavus79) or Patrick (@PatKoerbler).

A mere three weeks ago, the conversations were about recruiting had a more somber tone, having missed on multiple targets to rival schools. The fear revolved around Franklin not being able to match the previous three years’ results on the recruiting trail. Five commitments and 20 spots later, Penn State addressed a few positions of need and garnered a top 25 ranking in the process. Better yet, with a good enough showing this season, the Lions can reverse last year’s finish and go from slow start to strong finish.

There are about five to seven spots left in the class pending attrition. A few of those spots are reserved for the top targets in the class, who have all said they want to take their visits and go through the whole recruiting process. With fall practices right around the corner and the limited number of spots left, expect the sirens to slow down for the time being, unless someone else surprises everyone, like Derrek Pitts did last week (more on that below).

Return of the Tables

Back by popular demand (and because I’m now part of the recruiting team), we are resurrecting two popular features that were discontinued. First, we’re bringing back the Big Board starting next month. For those who can’t recall, the Big Board is where we listed the recruits with Penn State offers at each position, the likelihood that they’d commit, and what positions were filled or not. The other feature we’re reviving is my old roster matrix, which, as you all probably know, I haven’t updated in a year.

The first Big Board will be released at the end of next month, and from there on out, it will come out on the last Wednesday of each month. The updated matrix will be ready at the end of next month as well, and it shall remain up to date from that point forward.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions for anything we should include in these two once they arrive. We greatly appreciate all feedback.

On The Trail

As mentioned above, there are some moves on the recruiting trail recently. One of these is Virginia Wide Receiver Tahj Capehart announcing his commitment on August 6th.

Tahj’s final schools are Alabama, Georgia, Maryland, Nebraska, North Carolina, Penn State, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia Tech, and West Virginia. Crystal Ball predictions have him going to either Virginia Tech (67%) or Maryland (33%), so it would be a big shock to land him.

New Jersey Athlete Iverson Clement recently sent out the list of schools he hopes to visit, and Penn State made the cut:

That’s it for today. See you next week!