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Penn State Plays of the Year: 2006-16

Let's take a look at the most exciting plays of the BSD era!

Allen Robinson

Continuing our look back at the last 10 years of Penn State sports, I’ve titled today’s post: Top Football Plays from 2006-16. I’ve used my creative authority to include multiple plays from an individual player in one spot. Why? Because I felt like it. I also included at least one play from every year.

Most of these plays changed the course of the game (Or won the game), but several plays I selected because of their athletic achievement. I’m sure I missed a ton, but like always, I’m aiming for a variety.

Enjoy! Oh, and there’s no order to this list, so have at it in the comments (I’ll voice my opinion there).

Pryor's Fumble (2008)

A-Rob's catch against Michigan... (2013)

and his catch and run against Ohio State (2013)

Ficken's Game-winning kicks against Wisconsin...(2012)

...UCF (2014)

...and Boston College (2014)

Bill Belton's 92-yard TD run, the longest in PSU history (2013)

Austin Johnson's fumble return (2015)

The Saquon Hurdles, Jukes, and General Elusivity against SDSU (2015)

Rutgers (video quality is not great, but it includes several of the highlights that aren’t present together in other videos)

and Illinois

Beth Mowins doesn’t know the difference between a dive and a hurdle.

Derrick Williams' game-turning punt return against Notre Dame (2007)...

...and kickoff return against Illinois (2008)

Curtis Drake TD pass to Quarless against Michigan State (2009)

Another case of a momentum-changing score.

Brett Brackett’s TD catch against Northwestern (2010)

Did he really catch it? Oh well, it counted in the scorebook, and more importantly put the Nittany Lions on the scoreboard.

Also, Collin Wagner’s fake field goal was nice, too-and all of Royster’s runs.

Gerald Hodges’ interception and return against Northwestern (2011)

Matt McGloin’s TD pass to Devon Smith was gorgeous.

And finally, Mike Mauti’s interception against Illinois (2012)

So. Close.