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Only Kevin Givens Until Penn State Football

30 days until football, and a former Pitt commit

Kevin Kevins, DE, PSU

Kevin Givens, a native of Altoona, has known since February of 2014 that he wanted to play college football in Pennsylvania - it took him 1 year to realize that Pitt wasn’t a good fit, and committed to Penn State at the beginning of 2015. As with incoming freshman Cam Brown, who was highlighted yesterday, Givens was recruited as a LB but it appears he’s found a home at defensive tackle.

According to the official roster, Givens has gained 30 lbs since checking in as a recruit at 6’2” and 245 lbs. Now listed at 275 lbs, Givens has the potential to be a force on the defensive line if he can maintain the speed and athleticism that impressed scouts during his recruitment.

If you’ve been following this series, you’ll notice that Givens is not alone as a younger player looking for playing time on the defensive line. It is well-known that Givens turned heads during spring practice, and should be a key component in the Nittany Lions’ re-tooled defensive line.

Givens redshirted last year but should find a place in the line rotation this year.