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Penn State Unveils New And Improved Lasch Locker Rooms

Just before camp is about to start, Penn State revealed its renovated locker rooms to the players.

PJ Mullen/@psuPJ

Penn State is gearing up for the first day of training camp, but before the players take the practice field for the first time this summer, they were shown the newly renovated locker rooms in the Lasch Building. Judging by their reactions, the players are big fans of their new home.

The players were also sure to thank President Eric Barron, Athletic Director Sandy Barbour, and all the donors who made the locker rooms possible.

The plan for the renovations were introduced last August, and $12 million later, it looks like the money was well spent. In the never ending arms race in college football, these updated locker rooms — and the renovated Holuba Hall turf — were a much needed addition to the football program.

Although nicer locker rooms won’t improve the play on the field this season, it will attract more recruits. As you could see from the current players’ reactions above, having state of the art facilities are an important part of college football in 2016. And for a program that is looking to return to prominence, James Franklin and company will want every advantage they can get.