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Penn State Wrestling Weekly: Cadet Worlds

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The Cadet Freestyle world championships were held this past week in Tblisis, Georgia. That’s the one on the Black Sea, not the one next to South Carolina. “Cadet” is an age-restricted event (16 years on Earth), and is a pretty good spot to look for future studs from a recruiting perspective. Zain Retherford, Mason Manville, Mark Hall - these Penn Staters were also Cadet Team USA representatives.

54KG: Roman Bravo Young (IL - Not committed) - DNP

58KG: Vitali Arujau (NY - Cornell) - Silver

63KG: Yianni Diakomihalis (NY - Cornell) - Gold

69KG: David Carr (OH - Not committed) - Bronze

76KG: Travis Wittlake (OR - Cael likes him) - Bronze

85KG: Jabob Warner (IL - not committed) - Bronze

100KG: Gable Steveson (MN - not committed) - Gold

That’s a whole lotta medals. See the brackets here, via FloArena.

How do wrestlers recover from grueling workouts? With hydro-therapy tubs, as part of a beautiful new addition to the LWC. Jealous? Well, just go win 5 national championships in 6 years, and maybe you can have one too.

Quick shout out to Coach Fritz, who is the Commonwealth Campuses Athletic Director, and his longtime partner Coach Oishi (who also helped bring Yonemitsu to PSU’s room, by the way). They’ve been working for a long time at bringing back wrestling to PSU’s other campuses, and their hard work continues to pay off. The most recent addition is Behrend. Commonwealth Campus wrestlers compete at the D3 level, and in the NCWA National Championships, which you can read about here. Penn State - DuBois (6th), Penn State - Mont Alto (12th), and Penn State - New Kensington (15th) are all ranked in the pre-season poll.

Bo’s getting better, and probably taking too many STAT classes.

All-Star Classic Update: just one - Myles Martin will be wrestling.

As always, check out FloWrestling Radio Live. This week Ben Askren joins the show to discuss rankings and NCAA “locks”.